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Continental Coatings supplies a full range of products for the Coil Coating industry including coatings specifically designed for the construction, transportation, appliance, lighting, and HVAC markets. Topcoats are typically applied over our super corrosion resistance PU11C Polyurethane Primer or our proprietary high performance PU 30 High Build Polyurethane primer which both provide excellent scratch resistance and corrosion protection.

Continental also supplies a wide range of specialty coil coating products in a variety of chemical systems including acrylic, epoxy, urethane, fluorochemical, photocatalytic, and ceramic hybrid. Have a special project, requirement, or inquiry? Please check with Continental. Our global network of R&D laboratories add significant strength and experience to our U.S. operations.

Our standard Coil Coating Systems include:

Koolnar ™ – Koolnar is a Kynar ® / Hylar ® 70% PVDF coating formulated with Cool Roof ceramic IR Reflective pigmentation for monumental Architectural applications.

Rb3 ™ – Rb3 is our proprietary Premium SMP “40 Year” product for Construction products with extended warranties and long term performance requirements. The Rb3 system is pigmented with Cool Roof ceramic pigmentation and designed for the ultimate in SMP exterior weathering, chalk resistance and color fast performance.

Supra ™ SD – Supra SD is a Super Durable polyester system designed for improved Chalk and Fade resistance and is an excellent choice for exterior polyester system upgrades. Specially designed and abrasion resistance enhance systems are ideal for premium Roll-up, Garage, and Entry Door Markets.

Supra ™ HD – Supra HD is a High Durable polyester system perfect for many building siding, door, and transportation end use applications that require a harder more scratch and stain resistant finish with good exterior durability.

Supra ™ Flex – Supra Flex is a linear polyester system designed for applications requiring extreme flexibility and forming properties while maintaining good surface hardness, scratch resistance and roll forming performance. Supra Flex is used primarily in screenframe, door frame, hardware and small appliance applications.

Supra ™ MP – Supra MP is an exterior grade Modified Polyester product for trim, soffit, roof entrainments and light gauge agricultural applications. The MP has good exterior weathering properties and excellent overall flexibility allowing use in wide range of applications and end uses.

GPX ™ Global Polyester – The GPX system is a high performance commodity polyester system especially designed and formulated for optimal economics. The GPX system is ideal for a variety of polyester end use markets including: rainware, lighting, and liner panel.