Supra HD

Supra HD

System Overview

Supra HD coil coating system manufactured and distributed globally by Continental Coatings Inc. and Yung Chi Paint and Varnish Manufacturing Company Ltd., is a High Durability Polyester (HD) coil coating system engineered for interior and exterior applications that require long lasting performance and excellent economics. Supra HD system can be applied single coat or as a two coat system depending on end use requirements and application specifics. Supra HD system is formulated with a proprietary polyester resin polymer, which is economical, U.V. and weather resistant, and has primer like adhesion performance and a tough scratch resistant surface. Supra HD may be applied singlecoat or over the Universal PU-11 High Molecular Weight Urethane Primer or PU-30 High-build Urethane primer systems for extreme environment and long service life product applications.

Application Parameters

Supra HD system is designed for trouble free high line speed coil coating line application and has been run worldwide under a very wide range of application parameters and substrate conditions. Standard topcoat DFT is .60-.70 mils, however, custom low film and low temperature cure systems are available. Supra HD was formulated to provide improved overall performance over regular polyester systems and very good stain, scratch, mar and scuff resistance, and is flexible enough for most tough fabrication applications.

Commercial Uses

Supra HD system can be formulated in standard, medium, textured, and low gloss / low sheen finishes and supplied in a very wide range of colors and effects. This economic coating is warranted for exterior use and can be applied to a variety of adequately cleaned and treated metal substrates including: Hot Dipped Galvanized, ZnAl, Galfan®, ZAM®, Aluminum, and Stainless Steels. Supra HD is formulated with an excellent balance of flexibility and hardness but can be custom modified for specific applications that require above average physical property performance. Supra HD system is ideal for many residential building product polyester applications when improved performance is required. Typical end uses include: high performance rainwear, valleys, soffit, door product accessories, high-end door products, and light gauge agricultural sheeting and transportation products.

High Durability Polyester Coil Coating System






Singlecoat, or PU11 HMW PU, PU30 High Build PU


Aluminum, HDG, Galvalume®, ZAM®


Standard clean and treat

Chrome or non-Chrome

ASTM D 4138

Dry Film Thickness

Top coat: 0.5 to 0.8 mils

Primer: 0.0 to 0.3 mils

Total system: 0.5 to 1.1 mils

ASTM D 4212

Viscosity (No. 4 Zahn cup)

25 to 35 seconds

ASTM D 1475

Weight Per Gallon

9.0 to 12.0 Pounds Per Gallon

ASTM D 2697

Solids Per Volume

48 to 58%

ASTM D 2369

Solids Per Weight

55 to 79%

Reducing Thinner

Reducing Solvent


ASTM D 3960

VOC (Theoretical)

3.0 to 4.0 Pounds Per Gallon

Clean-up Solvent


Coating Mileage

1069 to 1176 Sq. Ft. / Gallon

Peak Metal Temperature

420 F to 465 F





ASTM D 523

Specular Gloss at 60

6 to 85

ASTM D 3363

Pencil Hardness


ASTM D 4145


0T to 4T with no loss of adhesion

ASTM D 5402

Solvent Resistance (MEK Rubs)

100 +

ASTM D 3359

Cross Hatch Adhesion

No loss of adhesion

ASTM D 2794

Reverse Impact

Galvalume or HDG: 3x metal thickness inch-pounds, no loss of adhesion

Aluminum: 1.5x metal thickness inch-pounds, no loss of


ASTM B 117

Salt Spray Resistance 1,000 hrs. Salt Spray Resistance 2,000 hrs.

Galvalume or HDG: Creep from scribe < 1/8 inch (3mm), none or few #8 blisters

Aluminum: Creep from scribe < Creep from scribe

<1/8 inch (3mm), few #8 blisters

ASTM D 2244

ASTM D 4214

South Florida Exposure

Color: No more than 5 (E) Hunterunits at 90 vertical angle and 7 (E) unitsnon vertical

Chalk: Rating no less than 8 at 90 angle and 6 at non vertical angle

Film Integrity: 15 years, no blisters, peeling or cracking

ASTM D 870

Water Immersion 100 F 168 hrs.

No field blisters with minimal color change

ASTM D 1308

Chemical Resistance (15 mins.)

No significant color change (color dependent)


Flame Spread Classification

Class I or A

ASTM D 968

Abrasion Resistance

Total Sand = 35 +/- 5 liters (Dft dependent)