Specification Data

Type Two component high performance inorganic zinc rich primer based on zinc powder ethyl Silicate and Anti-bending pigments.

Uses Shop primer for steel plates bending process for tanks use (Each kind of oil tanks, water tanks, chemical storage tanks).

Characteristics 1. Excellent resistance to cracking and detachment on the film thickness D.F.T. 75 µ and the coating steel plastes to be exposed to atmosphore over 12 days before bending process(The rollers of Bending Machine to be cleaned and smoothed).

2. Superior corrosion resistance.

3. Excellent heat resistance withstands up to 400.

4. Excellent resistance to oil and organic solvents.

5. The quality is better than the test specification of CNS 4936 K2087.

Color Gray

Finish Flat

Service Temperature 400 750

VOC values

464 g/L

Solids Content

By Weight Above 80% (mixture)

Zinc Content in Dry


By Weight Above 85%(Conforms to SSPC Paint 20 Level 1)

Dry Film Thickness

2-4 mils (50-100 microns).

Dry film thickness in excess of 5 mils (125 microns) per coat is not recommended

Theoretical Coverage 31.8 m2/Gal 8.4 m2/L 3.1 m2/Kg ( DFT :3 mils)

Preceding Coats Chlorinated Rubber, Epoxy, Vinyl, Silicone or PU system

A mist coat is required to minimize topcoat bubbling except for some topcoats (high-solids epoxy)

Repair Use organic zinc epoxy paint to repair(YCP EP-03AA)

Performance Data

Test Method



ISO 20340

Norsok M501

Corrosion Resistance

1 ct. IZ-01R

2 ct. No.988

3 ct. UP-450


Test reports and additional data available upon written request.

Application Instruction

Surface preparation

General Remove dirt, dust, oil and all other contaminants that could interfere with adhesion of the coating. Surfaces must be clean and dry. Moisture, grease, sludge, dust, corrosive salt must be thoroughly cleaned from substrate.

Surface preparation standards can use SSPC-SP10 or Sa2 1/2 (ISO 8501-1:2007). Blast surface profile 1~3mils (25~75 microns) (Ref. ASTM D4417).

Mixing & Thinning

Mixing Pour the zinc dust gradually into the base with constant stirring and then pass through 80 mesh filter.

Do not Add The Base(Liquid) Into Powder.

Thinning Above 25 use HT-type SP-13 thinner to thin up 3~5%. Below 25 LT-type SP-13 thinner to thin up 3~5%

Mixing Ratio Base : Zinc dust = 23 : 77 ( by weight )

Pot life 8 hours at 25 ( mixture, 77)




Airless Spray

Brush Roller

When the relative humidity is lower than 55%, water should be sprayed on after being painted for 30 minutes to promote hardening. The dry film thickness should not exceed 150 um to avoid cracking. This paint do not suitable for repairing or recoating, please use product No.1006 (EP-03AA) for repairing to avoid layer film cracking.

The air in the pores will escape through the next coating when overcoating and may cause blister. A mist coat then full coat can reduce this condition:

Spray a thin coat to fill the pores in the IZ-01R film, soon after apply to full specified film thickness to break the blisters.

Caution : In difficult cases it may be necessary to thin the next coat.

Pump ratio 45:1 or greater

Tip size : 0.015’’~ 0.021’’

Air Pressure : 57 kg/cm2

For touch-up of areas less than one square foot only. Use medium bristle brush and avoid rebrushing. Not recommended

Environment conditions







0 (32 )

0 (32 )

0 (32 )



45 (113 )

70 (158 )

45 (113 )


Industry standards are for substrate temperatures to be 3 (5 ) above the dew point . the product simply requires the substrate temperature to be above the dew point.

Curing Schedule

Surface Temp. & 50% Relative Humidity

Set to touch

Dry Hard

Dry to Recoat


2 hours

8 hours

1 days


1 hours

4 hours

1 days


45 minutes

2 hours

16 hours

15 minutes

60 minutes

12 hours

12 minutes

50 minutes

8 hours

Cleanup & Safety




Use No.1012 Inorganic Zinc Rich Thinner (SP-13) to clean. In case of spillage, absorb and dispose of in accordance with local applicable regulations.

Please read and follow all caution statements on this product data sheet and MSDS for this product. Proper ventilation and protective measures must be provided during application and drying to keep solvent vapor concentrations within safe limits and to protect against toxic or oxygen deficient hazards.

Package, Handling & Storage

Shelf Life

Part A :Minimum 2 years under normal storage conditions Part B :Minimum 2 years under normal storage conditions

Shipping Part A 1 Gallon – 2.45 kg 3 Gallon – 7.51kg

Weight Part B 1 Gallon – 8.03 kg 3 Gallon – 24.21 kg

Storage 5-35 (41-95)

Temperature & Humidity

0-90% Relative Humidity

Flash Point

Part A : 13 (55 )

Zinc Filler : NA


Base and zinc powder storage can not sunlight exposure or temperature exceeds 40