TYPEA two-pack, non-yellowing polyurethane clear coating based on acrylic resin and polyol resin with isocyanate hardener
USES Used for wood products and metal products, such as furniture, musical instruments, handicrafts, sports equipment etc.
CHARACTERISTICS1. High gloss and hardness, good gloss and color retention.
2. Excellent adhesion with wood and metal products.
3. Excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, oils and salts.
4. Excellent resistance to abrasion and heat.
APPEARANCETransparent liquid
MASS DENSITYAbove 0.85 Kg/L (mixture)
VISCOSITY55~80 KU (mixture, 25℃)
DRYING TIMESet-to-touch 1 hr. Dry hard 6 hrs. (25℃)
OPTIMUM FILM THICKNESS Wet 50 microns Dry 25 microns
THEORETICAL COVERAGE75.7 m2/Gal 20.0 m2/L 20.0 m2/Kg
OVERCOATING INTERVALSMin. 4 hrs. Max. 6 months
MIXING RATIOBase : hardener = 84 : 16 (by wt.)
NON-VOLATILE CONTENTSAbove 50% (mixture)
POT LIFE4 hrs. (mixture, 25℃)
THINNERNo.736 Polyurethane Thinner
THINNING RATE5~20% (cleaning tools excluded)
PRECEDING COATSNo.711 Polyurethane Sanding
STORAGE SHELF LIFEMinimum 1 year under normal storage conditions.
APPLICATION METHOD 1.Spray 2.Brush/Roller (only for hand-type)
NOTE1. Mix base and hardener according to the mixing ratio and stir thoroughly.
2. Adhered moisture, grease, dust on substrate must be removed thoroughly.
3. Please use special thinner for dilution to avoid causing bubbles or pinholes.
4. Hardener cover must be tightly closed to avoid reaction with moisture in air to form bubbles and gelation.
5. Mixture of base and hardener must be used up within pot life.
6. Strictly controlling application, not to exceed 50 microns per coat, to avoid bubbles formation.
7. All equipments must be cleaned immediately after use.
8. The lacquer sanding is not suitable as a primer for this paint.
9. If change application method from airless spray to brush or roller, please advice our sales representative.
10. Avoid applying paint in rainy or the moisture above 85% RH, otherwise the adhesion will be affected by moisture of substrate and the paint film will be loss its gloss.